4 Miraculous Health Laws

It has always been my nature to run and play outside. From the days of old, my friends and I would spend most of our time outdoors, even if we were allowed on rainy days to jump in the puddles in our bathing suits. Today, I have children of my own. Little did I ever imagine they would be children of the couch. For many different reasons including age and influence, my kids have found solace inside, and on the couch, in front of the television.

I can take some ownership for this behavior for as my weight gradually increased over the years, and my enthusiasm for the great outdoors waned, I too found safety and security inside my home. Now, this is a far cry from the dream I have kept so close to my heart my entire life of living in a round tree house, preferably off the ground, and maybe untaxable would be a bonus.

It has been most of my adult life that I have dedicated to naturalistic studies. I have not been however living the life which I studied so fervently and religiously. I have found that the simple life is not so simple afterall. I believed that along with my studies of plants and my inherent desire to be closer to mother nature that I would be the gleaming entity of health. Somehow money and time got in my way. I found myself using less of the plants that grew around me for my medicinal needs and culinary ones as well, thus turning to the grocery stores for row after row of mind boggling, unreadable ingredients to sustain me. All the while, I know of the inherent nutritional value encapsulated in these so called “weeds” right outside my door.

So, now that I am 75 pounds overweight, and spend almost 24/7 inside, given up my yogic, weekly practice, and am achy all over, I think it might be the right time to commence operation NATURE. There are just a few old school practices which I have learned over the years that will catapult anyone back to health.

The one we hear the most about is, mind over matter. This, to me, starts with an attitude of gratitude. This should include some deep breaths just like dad told us before we speak, and just on occasion throughout the day. Far too many folks, including myself, have taken to this shallow breathing. Deep breathing is very cleansing for the internal organs and is quite the internal exercise. Never underestimate the power of the breath for without it you would not be here.

Water is the second most essential component to a healthy existence considering our bodies are mostly made up of the stuff. Clean, chlorine free water can be more toning than a walk in the park. I have seen people drop 30 pounds in 2 months of water weight by drinking a gallon a day. Changing nothing else, this can seem impossible, but it so true. Try putting a slice of lemon in your first glass of water of the day for extra cleansing. Organic lemons are the best fruit cleansers inside and outside the body that I know.

Choosing food which is grown close to home, and preferably organic, is ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This would also include your meat consumption. I was the healthiest when I ate wild game exclusively, and backyard vegetables. Remember to eat from the rainbow and always drink your food and chew your drinks. This is where digestion begins for our bodies, in the mouth. It is crucial to chew your food as much to include your saliva. This is what is meant by drinking your food. Chewing your drinks can suggest that they are fibrous and nutritious. Use the green goods like dandelion, plantain, chickweed, lamb’s quarters, etc. All of these mix well with a little pineapple, some water, and a few sunflower seeds to top it off. These common lawn weeds are packed with vitamins and minerals which are brought up from deep in the ground through tiny rootlets that reach up to 50 feet for some of these plants during their life cycle.

Last, but not least, is the old rule of thumb, do not put it on your body if you can’t put it in your mouth. This common sense law is so overlooked because we cannot understand what the ingredients are anymore in our health and beauty products. Here’s to your health and mine. It might feel like you are going backwards at first, but you soon will receive the simple gifts of wisdom more readily as you grow into your presence as you are right now and realizing you were born with it. The gift of health is your birhtright..