Five of the Best Computer Cases for CAD

Custom casings are a must-have piece for any tech enthusiast. We took the time to review some of the most innovative and trendiest system casings on the market. The following five casings were chosen based on their looks, expansion options, and equipment. Find out which casing is our favorite.

How do you choose a casing?

While it seems that choosing a casing is mostly about aesthetics, computer geeks know that power options, expansion options, and cooling options are the key criteria in selecting a casing. We have some suggestions for you to consider when purchasing a casing.

Power Options

This is because custom power supplies are available in nearly all sizes. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a power supply that fits within the design of your casing. Professional gamers and CAD may need to look into upgrading the power supply to support high-end gaming cards and other peripheral devices in extreme cases.

Expanding Options

Gamers and revit require both high-end graphics cards and multiple SSD’s in order to store and retrieve their data. You can keep the same casing longer with expansion options. One type of casing lets you connect an SSD from outside. This allows you to disconnect the SSD when it’s full without having to open the entire casing. You can also remove the disk tray to make room for more cooling fans.

Cooling Options

Most high-end casings can be used for liquid cooling. But how do they work? Most casings come with a default pipeline that has a very limited reach around the housing. You can extend this or leave it alone, and a new kit can be added to it. Manufacturers list cooling options and the recommended liquids.

Enthoo Evolv Matx

We think Phanteks did a great job with this one. The all-Aluminum finish looks amazing in Satin Black, Anthracite Grey, or Glacier White.

The wires are hidden behind a mid-plate so what you see through the half-plate of glass on the side is the parts, not the clutter. The front fan measures 200mm, while the rear unit is 140mm. This is the upgraded SP series.

Graphite Series ™ 780T

Corsair is known for its innovative designs and technological edge in RAM modules, among many other achievements. It is no surprise that the Graphite series is a high-quality work of art.

Its unique design, lighting fixtures, and mesh design will make you want to touch it. The casing is hung over the body and has a mesh front that allows you to see the illuminated fans behind it. The edge hosts external IO expansion options. This area also houses a fan-speed controller, which allows you to change the fan’s speed with a single press.

Define R5 – Black Widow

Fractal-design’s flagship line of casings, and accessories for system components, Define is Fractal Design’s best. The Define R5 is a simple product that doesn’t need much introduction. The Define R5’s design is minimalistic and sleek.

High-density materials are used to build the computer. The design also allows for a variety of fan configurations and liquid-based cooling options. You can fit up to 9 drives inside, and you can make more space by removing the ODD bay. The manufacturer developed a Quick Release System that makes it easy to access the guts.

S340 Elite

The S340 Elite has a good reputation and is expected to live up. Side is made of plain tempered glass, so all is visible. It is very easy to remove the screws from the edges and blend them into the background.

Uniquely, the top has an HDMI port as well as regular USB ports and an Audio Jack. The design allows users to easily leave their peripheral gear (VR headsets or headphones) without any hassle.

805 Infinity

Because of its frontal lighting effect, the 805 Infinity gets its name. This effect uses mirrors and LED strips to create lines of LEDs which fade into the darkened end. If your board does not offer ROG/Aura customization options, you can download the driver for the lighting effect. The front of your casing is never the same again, literally, with a wide range of colors!


The 805 Infinity would be the obvious answer if it wasn’t for its price. However, if you have a tight budget, the Corsair780T is our choice. It is sleek and minimalist, but still stands out visually. Although tempered glass isn’t a new concept, it isn’t very well-known for its poor execution. Corsair ensured that this was not the case with their marvel of engineering and beauty. This is the best all-rounder choice for gamers, CADers, or techno-geeks. It’s affordable and has many great features.