Fashion Farm: hopes to lift spirits

Fashion Farm Pumpkin donuts were Sold

Fashion Farm pumpkin donuts were sold way beyond the normal October season. They’re selling doughnuts to keep spirits up during the coronavirus pandemic, and to support the restaurant. Fashion Farm will no longer be selling pumpkin products from now until the spring.

However, the pumpkin versions sold like hotcakes. Fashion Farm’s corporate officer Jason Becker stated that he does not know how many. Becker stated, “They were coming so fast that they kind of lost track.” The pumpkin doughnut sales this weekend surpassed any other weekend in October.

Becker stated that one employee suggested the idea of selling pumpkin doughnuts in April. He thought it would be good for everyone’s mental health to recall a time before quarantine and bring back “some good memories”. The Ligonier community was filled with joy at the memory of the fall season. It spread across the country.

One person bought doughnuts and delivered them to family members and friends. Avalon Village, as well as other organizations, also visited to purchase goodies. Becker stated that Fashion Farm is greatly helped by this financial support. It’s currently at 25% capacity due to the in-person dining shut down. Becker stated, “We are blessed to have the people that we do who support our work.”

Lining to the Shutdown

There is a silver lining to the shutdown. Fashion Farm was able paint the ceiling and floor, and clean the floors and carpets in the restaurant. This is something they wouldn’t have been able do if they were closed. The restaurant’s dining area is closed. Fashion Farm’s greenhouse is open seven days a semaine from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. This is a good thing because many people are now starting to work in their gardens.

Becker stated that “people are getting ready for their gardens.” “We have had more vegetable sales than ever before.” Becker also stated that Fashion Farm will offer more resources to container gardeners this year. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, gardening supplies may be useful, as well Fashion Farm’s florist shop.

Becker advised that anyone who wishes to purchase a bouquet of flowers for their mom may still do so through the florist shop. However, it is important to remember that the flowers will be chosen by the designer.

Becker stated, “I believe a lot moms can struggle through this time with the distancing.” “We want to make Mother’s Day special for mom and help others celebrate it.”

Becker suggests that you order flowers online or over the phone and then pay for them before you pick them up.

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