Immigration Law – Laying The Conditions For Settlement

All applications for immigration to a particular country should be in accordance with the immigration law prevailing in the country. These laws ensure that the immigrants who wish to settle in the country should be legal citizens of the country from where they come and should fit into the legal and administrative set up of the country that they want to live in comfortably. Especially after the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers, the US has made the laws of migration stricter to weed out illegal entrants. You have to appoint an migration attorney to set up your case and file your application.

See If The Law Favors Your Immigration

The immigration law of a country revolves around the policy of a country. Every country has different laws of immigration. Some countries allow immigration some don’t. In some countries, migration is easy; in others it is very difficult. The social and economic conditions of a country usually become the deciding factors in the formulation of migration policy. The migration policy of a nation is framed by the ministry of foreign affairs in every country which also reflects the foreign policy of the country. In some countries this job is entrusted to an autonomous body under the foreign ministry.

This of a country also outlines the legal rights and obligations of migrating applicants. The law also frames the rules under which various kinds of applicants can be granted migration. Only the applicants satisfying all the conditions will be allowed to immigrate. There are three major ways in which immigration is possible in any country. First is through employment. Second is through business. And third is possible through a blood relative, in the country of immigration, who is willing to sponsor your application. All immigrants have to abide by the rules governing their immigration once they are granted migration. You also have to keep abreast of the rules in force at the time of your application as they keep on changing with time according to policy changes.

Since immigration laws are complex in nature it is not a good idea to file your own application. You have to appoint the best attorney who understands your candidature fully and sets up your application accordingly, under the existing law. Although there are websites which offer information on migration, there is always a doubt on their authenticity. You should only search for authentic information on the website of the partiuclar department of a country as it is regularly updated to give guidance to prospective applicants.