Race discrimination:

According to the Equality Act 2010, you can’t be discriminated against based on your race discrimination. It is illegal to discriminate against someone who is not in compliance with the Equality Act. You may be able do something if you have been discriminated against.

This page explains more about race discrimination.

What does it mean to be a Race discrimination?

You must determine if you are exempt from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 before you can file a discrimination case.

According to the Equality Act, discrimination is only illegal if it is based on certain factors. These are known as protected characteristics. The Equality Act protects race discrimination.

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Racism is when someone is treated unfairly due to one of these things:

  • Colour
  • Nationality
  • Origin of ethnicity
  • National origin

A racial group can make you a hmrc targets of discrimination. A racial group includes people who have the same color, nationality, ethnic or national origins.

Nationality Race Discrimination

Nationality is the right to be a citizen or a member of a specific nation. You could be discriminated against if you are a British, Australian, or Indian citizen, for example.

Origins of the nation

Your connection to a country, nation or people through your birth is called national origins. Although they may overlap, it is distinct from nationality.

All national groups are considered to include the English, Scots, and Welsh. This means you could be discriminated against if you are English, Scottish, or Welsh.

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Origins of ethnicity

An ethnic group is defined by law as a group that shares the same history and cultural traditions. The group might also share some of the following:

  • The same language
  • The same religion
  • The same literature
  • The same geographic origin
  • Being an oppressed group
  • Being a minority.

According to the courts, Irish Travellers, Jews and Romany Gypsies are all considered ethnic groups.

What is a Race Discrimination group, exactly?

A racial group is made up of people who have the same color, nationality, ethnic or national origins.

  • It is possible to be part of multiple racial groups.
  • Non-British citizens, and non-European are two other examples of racial categories.
  • Discrimination based on the race relations of another person

Discriminating against someone because they are with a person of a particular racial group is illegal. This could include a parent, child or partner, as well as a friend.

Discrimination based on race

Discrimination Gypsies and Travellers against someone because they believe you belong to a particular racial group is against the law.

  • Additional useful information
  • Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS).
  • The EASS pre race stress discrimination Helpline can help you if you’ve been discriminated against.

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