These “Beauty Supply Warehouse” store tips

Beauty Supply Warehouse

Beauty is highly competitive. It can be difficult for small businesses to compete with larger stores’ prices. However, there are other ways you can attract customers. Your niche, such as vegan and organic products, can make you a recognized expert in your field and drive customers to your store. You can build your reputation and be known for having a highly skilled, professional staff to help you gain a competitive edge. These are some tips for owners of beauty supply warehouse stores that are opening their first store, or are looking to move.

Select the right space. Although you may dream of a large floor plan, it is important to choose an affordable space in a central location. You should choose a store close to your target market. A good strategy is to stay close to college campuses if you believe that college students will be your biggest customer base. A highly trafficked suburban shopping centre is a great option if you are targeting stay-at-home mothers.


Gondolas are essential for beauty supply warehouses. Why? These fixtures can hold shelves that can be stocked with heavier, larger items. You can also add peg hooks that allow you to hang smaller items and create a targeted display. To create an endcap that is focused on manicures and pedicures for example, add peg hooks containing nail files, nail stickers and cuticle sticks to fill them with polish remover wipes, nail stickers and cuticle sticks. Gondolas are also a great way to store branded products together, making it easier for busy shoppers to find them.


Because of the many uses it can make, slatwall is our favourite fixture to maximise store space. With just a few peg hooks, you can add hair accessories such as hair extensions, hair clips and curlers. You can display your head wraps and wigs on the single-hat or cap display. You might consider adding faceouts to your beauty supply warehouse store if you sell apparel. Or, invest in sleek shelves to hold foldable items such as tee shirts. Slatwall baskets can be used to display small products, such as scarves and ponytail holders, hair bands, and body scrubbers that don’t hang well on peg hooks.


Despite the fact that they are limited in size, tables can be used to highlight special offers. Bulk retail tables, also called dump tables, can be used to organise sale items, cosmetics and small accessories. If you have enough space, you may want to consider a three-tiered table for a more elegant look. This will highlight high-end products such as haircare and beauty treatments.

Display cases Beauty Supply Warehouse

Display cases are a great way to showcase expensive items. Display cases are great focal points and will keep expensive items organised and safe. You can fill your display case with jewelry, purses and hair accessories. However, you can also display expensive hair tools such as curlers, straighteners and dryers by using the space provided. Display cases can be placed in front of the slatwall for additional counter space and to enclose the area.