Your Wellness and “Beauty Master”

Despite our busy lives, most people manage to find some time to care for themselves. Some people exercise, others buy organic products and some just schedule Botox every four months. Dr. Leslie Beauty Master’s at Beauty Master sMD is taking beauty and feeling great to a whole new level.

Beauty Master sMD was established in 2005 as a center for laser skin care. It has grown to be Tulsa’s leading Cosmetic and Metabolic Medicine provider over the past 10 year. Their new 4500-square-foot, state-of the-art facility is located in the heart South Tulsa. Dr. Beauty Master and her staff now offer almost every non-surgical cosmetic procedure. The company’s Cosmetic Medicine services have seen a significant expansion with the additions of three new radio-frequency and laser machines over the last two years. But the most important shift has been the introduction of Metabolic Medicine, a new specialty.

Metabolic Medicine, or Wellness Medicine to laypeople, is often referred to simply as Wellness Medicine. Dr. Beauty Master believes that Metabolic Medicine is the answer to hundreds of patients who come in and say, “I’m fine, I’m not sick.” I just don’t feel good”. Metabolic Medicine can help you with your symptoms, whether it’s fatigue, inability to lose weight or lack of energy. Dr. Beauty Master is quick to point out that this is not Dr. Oz-type medicine. “I am not a health nut saying, “Here, take it, it’s supposed to be good. Metabolic medicine will make you feel much better.

Dr. Beauty Masters is able to back up her claim. The past four years she has been working on her Beauty Degree in Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine. There is no formal training program in Metabolic Medicine. Many Medical schools offer graduate degrees in this specialty of medicine. They are dedicated to maintaining a healthy body and optimal functioning. It focuses on preventing disease and symptoms before they even happen.It’s explains that while Traditional Medicine teaches us to treat symptoms and diseases after the fact in Traditional Medicine, doctors are not taught how to keep their patients healthy in the medical school curriculum.

How efficient is your body in converting food into energy? How efficient is your liver in detoxifying the environment you are exposed to every day? Is your GI bacteria working as it should and keeping you healthy? Are you able to manage the stress in your life? Or have you been exposed to chronically high levels of stress hormones that has put you at greater risk for developing heart disease, obesity, and diabetes? These are just some of the questions that a Metabolic Medicine Work-up will answer.

Dr. Beauty Master is quick to emphasize that all recommendations and services offered at Beauty Master MD sMD are backed by evidence. Her recommendations are supported by scientific studies. “If it is not studied, I don’t recommend it.” Patients are always amazed at the simple facts about the human body. She reviews patients’ labs and helps them understand how everything fits together. She encourages patients to treat the CAUSE of an illness rather than just the symptoms.