Environmental Law & It’s Enforcement

In many countries, environmental laws are weak or are not enforced. Government agencies make decisions about the environment without giving citizens an opportunity to participate in those decisions. Grassroots lawyers often work in isolation and cannot obtain information about legal tools to protect the environment. Many citizens want to build a sustainable future, but grassroots advocates lack the skills and resources to make their case. ZA-LLP works to even the odds and helps grassroots advocates, gain the skills and legal and scientific resources they need to challenge environmental abuses. Advocates call on ZA-LLP for model statutes and regulations, information about polluters, and court decisions that protect the environment.

They also obtain information about the scientific questions that are at the heart of environmental challenges, including identifying the health risks of pesticides, providing model habitat restoration plans, and providing information about the best available technology to reduce industrial pollution.

In addition to giving local advocates ZA-LLP provide the Advisory Services in Environmental Management and related Technologies, Safety, Health & Environment, Audit and preparation of Hazards Management Plans; Water Resources Management for Environmental Development, Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage, Solid Waste Management, Plumbing and Industrial Wastes. Pollution, Air and Noise, Pollution Control, Ecological Investigations, Environmental Risk Assessment, Environmental Planning and Management, Total Environmental Management; Environmental related Scientific and Technical Services; Environmental Monitoring of Stack Emissions and Ambient Air; Environmental Impact Statement; Environmental Impact Assessment; Cleaner Production; Wastes (solids) Analysis (Characterization); Laboratory Testing of Natural Gas and other Industrial Fuels and contaminated soils; Establishment of Environmental Laboratories, and Training of Staff; Environmental Surveys; Energy Audit; Quality Management also including ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 background data generation and preparation of background documents; GAP Analysis; Human Resource Development and Training; Technology Transfer; and General Public Awareness and Advice on Statutory and Legal Framework existing in Pakistan and the provisions of the major International Agreements / Conventions on Environments.

ZA-LLP works collaboratively with the clients to develop practical solutions to Environment, using legal skill and experience. We help clients formulate strategy to address Environmental issues of their concern. When Environmental matters become adversarial, our experienced Environment Litigators stand ready to defend the clients against enforcement proceedings may that be at the level of Environmental Protection Council, Environmental Protection Authority (at Provincial Level), Special Judicial Magistrates / Environmental Magistrates and / or otherwise before the Environmental Protection Tribunal.

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