Is Immigration Law In the US About To Change?

There have been many concepts floated over the years of how best to change or immigration laws and immigration strategies. It’s not as easy as it looks. If you make one law, it is exploited incorrectly, so you have to make another and another, and eventually you have a bureaucratic quagmire that helps no one – it becomes unfair to our nation and inhumane to those who wish to enter legally. Businesses most often complain, folks like farmers who need labor and have willing folks who want to come work here.

Others who are now legal citizens want to bring over their closest family members, breaking up families is hardly fair, most all agree. Now then, there was an interesting piece in the New York Times on September 8, 2013 titled; “House Republicans in California Find a Struggle on Immigration” by Jennifer Medina which talked about an up and coming Republican representative David Valado and his understanding and care for the Hispanic immigrants in CA.

In a recent speech he highlighted some of the unfair issues and who could disagree, whether it is work visas or immigration laws, we have a system which is not working. Not even close to working is a better way to state it. Of course, taxpayers are worried that we are over burdening our society, social programs, schools, and some say turning our cities into “little Mexicos” which although that sounds like a racist comment, those who make it do see a difference between our modern suburban neighborhoods and those areas were Hispanic Immigrants, legal or otherwise congregate and then call home.

We do have cultural differences, no one can deny, and although we are a melting pot or claim to be, we are not melting as efficiently as we should. Also, realize we are hardly the only nation with this problem. Europe is under strain from Eastern Europe and the Middle East in a big way, and even our northern partner Canada, has come full circle to realize it’s time for a change in their immigration law too.

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on August 31, 2013 titled; “As Disparities Grow, Canada Tightens Its Immigration Rules,” by Alistair MacDonald which discussed how Canada is trying to change their immigration laws to only allow the top tier into their nation, you’d need money, education, and means – more or less.

Should the US follow suit? Should we be more inclined to pick and choose? What about humanity, equality under the law, do they not apply here too, aren’t those our founding principles, or do they count with future immigrants who cannot be afforded those rights until which time they become admitted immigrants under our immigration laws – laws which clearly need revising. Please think on this.