Police issue parking tickets

Who manages the parking?

Parking on public land may be restricted in certain areas. The local council will manage parking on public land if it isn’t.

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Private companies often manage parking on private land and issue their own parking tickets.

Parking restrictions on public land

Parking on public property can result in you being fined if you don’t comply with parking regulations. You will be fined according to the policy of your local council.

Parking restrictions may be enforced by the police in some areas. A ‘fixed penalty notice’ is a type of fine that can be issued to you. This is a criminal offense.

Receiving a fixed penalty notice

A traffic warden or police officer can issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone who has parked illegally. It will be fixed to your vehicle by the traffic warden or police officer.

The police may issue a notice of penalty charges at any time after an infraction. There is no time limit.

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You will be given 21 days to reply to the fixed penalty notice. You can:

  1. Pay the penalty
  2. Request a hearing before the court
  3. You can’t claim that you were the car’s owner.

You can accept that you have committed an offence and pay the amount requested by the notice. The amount that you must pay is reduced if you pay within the specified time period. You will be given a notice that will explain how and when you should pay.

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If you don’t pay

If you fail to respond within 21 days to the notice, the police will issue a “notice to owner” reminding you to make payment. The amount that you have to pay will increase by 50% if you fail to pay within the timeframe. If you don’t pay your bill, you may be summoned to court.

Contesting a Fixed Penalty Notice

You can request a court hearing if you disagree that you illegally parked your vehicle. This is done by filling out Part III of the fixed penalty notice. Then, return it to the provided address. The summons will be sent to you for your attendance at court.

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For driving offenses, legal aid is not usually available. However, if you have a low income you may be eligible for free legal advice and assistance from a solicitor.

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