State Labor Laws in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a euphoric or overjoyed corner which is ideally situated on the land occupied by New England province of United States of America. This is the smallest state in the entire continent and covers the least area of it’s country. You will be amazed to get aware with the fact that this state is yet untouched with the urbanized world. I am sure that you will enjoy the life and working conditions which prevail over this continent. This city is repeatedly related with the tag “The Ocean State”. The State labor laws which are established in this state avert the employer from any kind of exploitation or harassment. These labor laws were put into practice to protect the rights of the employees who work in this state. These rights preserve the basic needs of the employees and avert them from any kind of harassment.

Here are some basic laws which must be followed by the employers of this state.

1. Employment or Hiring Law
according to the hiring or employment law of Rhode Island, the employer cannot appoint any co-worker or sub-ordinate on any supplementary reason other than their qualifications or professional skills. The employers cannot hire any employee on the grounds of caste, creed, color, religion, sex, nationality or any other personal reason. This law prevents the employers from giving a partial treatment and helps the employees to get a “One Law For All” treatment! However the employer can pop any question before the employee when they are taking the interview.

2. Child Labor Law
this law restricts the employers or job providers from hiring the children who are below 14 years. I am sure that you will appreciate the benefits which are offered by this law. It secures the future of the children and averts them from getting exploited. Apart from this, the children are supplied with guaranteed payment. They must be offered nearly 80% of the profits which they bring for the company which has hired them.

3. Employment At Will
according to this law, employers cannot hire any employee according to their own will or personal choice. This law restricts the employers from giving a partial treatment and discriminating their employees on the basis of caste, creed, color, sex, religion, nationality, incomes, personal attributes and some additional grounds.

These are some essential labor laws which must be followed by every employer of this company! I am sure that you will not overlook the importance of these laws and follow them with complete respect!