United States Immigration Law Overview

The United States of America is one of the countries having strict rules with regard to immigration law and the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) is the basic body of immigration law. Because USA is the leading country of choice among individuals looking for greener pastures, thus they had made the process timely, tedious and costly and it is just ideal to hire an immigration lawyer. Nowadays, many immigration law firms have emerged because of the growing number of individuals needing their services.

Following are simple guidelines for hiring an immigration attorney

It is a must to verify if the immigration lawyer you are considering to employ is a member of good reputation of the “bar” of the United States. You must also verify if the said attorney is allowed to practice the law in your state. Also verify the attorney licensing document of the immigration attorney is valid. Likewise confirm if the immigration lawyer has not been or is not suspended or expelled from practicing the law. If you are sure of the immigration attorney that you have chosen, the next thing to do is to go every court proceedings that directly involves with your case and listen to whatever the judge and your attorney asked you to do.

Apply for Naturalization

If you have received the permanent resident status, you can now apply for naturalization. Like the process of immigration, the process for naturalization is timely, costly and tedious hence a lawyer will be most likely hired. It is advisable that you will familiarize the legal process in order to be prepared. There are sites on the internet that gives details regarding to naturalization.

Before starting the naturalization process, make sure you have the follow requirements:

– you must be at least 18 years old at the time of filing.

– It is a must for you to have received the permanent resident status and have at least 5 consecutive years residence in US.

– It is a must that you have stayed for at least three years consecutively at any state.

– You must not have been accused or convicted of any crime during your stay in US.

– You must be able to write, read, understand and speak basic English.

– You should also have knowledge with regard to US history, government and civic principles.

– It is also a must that you have received the Certificate of Naturalization from the US government.

– You must also be ready to take a citizenship test. This American citizenship test is a civic test given by a Citizenship and Immigration officer and this is usually given orally. The questions are usually taken from a 100-item questionnaire however the officer is not limited to such questions alone. The test is mandatory to all and you should pass it before you could take the Oath of Allegiance and become a citizen legally

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