What is a “Beauty Pool”?

Beauty Pools, a West New York-based custom inground pool builder, is a member of the prestigious Master Pools Guild. With the most recent construction technology, we have built thousands of commercial and residential pools. We can build one for your company.Your Backyard should be a destination.Your imagination is your limit. We can help you create a unique retreat that is unlike any other.Take a look before you leap.

Consider this before you decide to invest in a swimming pool. We believe that our customers and ourselves are the most important thing. We have built a service company to maintain your pool over the years. This includes a full service department, knowledgeable staff, patio furniture, and all necessary chemicals.

For decades beauty pool,it’s been the details

Beauty has been at the forefront of pool technology innovation since its inception. These details are what allow us to meet the needs of our customers.

Anything you can imagine, we can make it a reality

Our pools can be customized to fit your backyard. We can either blend the design, size, style, and finish of your pool into your landscaping or create a completely new environment. We will guide you through each step so that you can choose the right package for your budget and lifestyle.

Beauty Pools: Benefits

  • More than 50 years of pool building experience
  • Over 5000 pools have been designed and constructed
  • Award winning custom pool designs
  • International recognition of the pool industry
  • Leader in commercial and residential pools
  • Largest commercial pool-builder in WNY
  • Master Pool Guild Member
  • Construction force in-house: Excavation and Steel, Gunite. Plumbing, Electrical, Tile, Plaster.
  • Largest WNY service fleet available 7 days a semaine
  • Service technicians who have been trained in the industry
  • Renovation Department in-house
  • Energy-saving equipment that can be controlled by computers
  • Sta-Rite professional dealer
  • Beauty Pools employees are fully insured
  • All you have to do is add the water! You can!
  • A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

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