You Need to Know About “Japanese Punk Fashion”

Many street fashions in Japan are unique and individual. People all over the globe choose these styles to inspire them for their fashion choices and lifestyles. There are styles that originated in Japan from the Western fashion world, such as the japanese punk fashion style.

Punk culture originated in the United States and United Kingdom in mid 1970s. The wide range of this movement encompasses fashion, music and lifestyle. Punks value freedom, loud and violent music, and unique fashion. Although Japanese people have taken some of the western style of punk music, they are able to make their own. Although Japanese punk fashion is sometimes confused with Japan’s Visual kei, if you have a keen eye and look closely, you will see that they are very different.

Japanese Punk Fashion 101


Statement shirts and offensive shirts are common. The main colors are black or white. Accents in different colors are then used. Styled shirts can also be used, such as being strategically ripped or cut, and some of them sometimes stitched together, or held together with safety pins. You can also customize your shirt by making buttons and patches.


Bondage pants, ripped jeans and heavy belts are the hallmark of punk bottoms. Bondage pants have random zippers and chains, straps or buckles. They also come with studs, rings, studs, and straps. It doesn’t have to be baggy or skinny. There are also shorter versions. There are also skirts for women that were made to match Japanese punk fashion. They have the same aesthetics and patterns as the bondage pants.

Accessory of Japanese Punk Fashion

This look’s accessories are usually made of leather, straps and chains, studs and symbols such as a cross or skulls. The most distinctive punk accessory is the studded cuffs. But it doesn’t have to be that. Other punk elements such as skulls or crosses can also be used. Western punks rarely wear makeup, or very little if any. Although makeup is used in Japanese Punk fashion, it is an additional element to the overall look. However, it is not as common as Visual kei. For males, eyeliner is used often. For females, they use dark gothic makeup to match it.