Different types of “Asian Street Fashion”

What are the Different Types Of Asian Street Fashion?

The popularity of Asian streetwear is growing among the younger generation, especially among Millennials and Generation Z. What does Asian street fashion mean? This question can be broken down into three main street fashion trends that are dominant in the Asian streetwear market. We will be looking at the Korean Streetwear Trends and Japanese Streetwear Trends today. Then, we’ll show you examples of each style. We’ll examine the regional differences and which styles are most popular in each area. These are the styles that inspire us to create our own Asian streetwear designs.

What are the Latest Korean Streetwear Trends

Since the international popularity of Kpop, Korean street fashion has been on the rise. Fans have been flocking to see and get inspired by the street fashion of Kpop’s emerging male and female groups. What is the common thread that runs through Korean street fashion? We might be able understand this better by looking at Hongdae Seoul Asian Street Fashion.

What are the latest Japanese streetwear trends?

There are many streetwear styles in Japan that make up Japanese street fashion. These streetwear styles for women are common in Tokyo’s urban areas. They can be found in Harajuku and Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza. There are many styles to choose from, including local and international trends. Brands like Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcon have gained international recognition. However, streetwear fashion in Japan can be divided into Lolita and Ganguro, Visual Kei or Kimono Style. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles.

Lolita is a distinctive street style worn by women in Tokyo’s urban areas like Harajuku. The way they decorate their outfits is often extravagant. Skirts are usually paired with petticoats and are often very large. The tops of these women are extravagantly lace-trimmed. Their outfit is made up of many layers. They can’t be complete without their frilly headband, Mary Jane shoes, and thigh-high lace socks. This style is now divided into three categories: Sweet, Classic, Sweet.

Ganguro: This Japanese streetwear style was popularized in 2000s as a subculture within Gyaru fashion. Flash-colored clothes and short skirts would be worn by women. There were also a variety of plaid patterns mixed in. This fashion trend encourages fake hair, fake nails, fake tans and other man-made beauty products.

Visual Kei: This style is popularized by the Japanese rock music scene. You can easily spot Visual Kei by their extravagant hairstyles.

Kimono Style: Kimono Style is heavily influenced by the culture and clothing choices of Kimono Style. Kimonos can still be worn in Japan on a regular basis. However, the style has evolved to cater to a younger audience.