The Perth bogan behind “Ozzy Man Reviews”

Voiceover videos Ozzy Man Reviews

He has a larger online following than any other high-profile WA celebrities, and you probably haven’t heard of him. Meet Perth’s Ethan Marrell, a former comedian and filmmaker behind Ozzy Man Reviews. He earns a living posting videos on YouTube and Facebook, along with his unique brand of satirical comment.

Ozzy Man Reviews is a parody about a dinky-di Australian bogan with a heart of gold despite his love for foul language.

Mr Marrell, a 30-year-old man, started Ozzy Man Reviews while he was studying at Curtin University. He had around 300,000 Facebook followers and about 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Now, he has 5.4 million followers on both platforms. This includes 4.3 million on Facebook. And that number keeps growing by 600,000. Compared to F1 star Daniel Ricciardo, Daniel has approximately 760,000 Facebook fans.

American screenwriting friends gave Mr Marrell the name Ozzy Man. “The rest of the project was the result of his past work, study, and creativity,” Mr Marrell stated. “You are laughing at how vulgar and crass they look and how low you are.

“Ozzy Man was an idea that I had to flip the whole thing on its head. Although he is a bogan, he represents the lower to middle class. However, he is intelligent.”

For Mr Marrell, the venture has been very profitable. He makes most of his income from online advertising and merchandise. He rarely has to go hunting for video content because his followers bombard his inbox with suggestions. Copyright law is a grey area but problems are few and far between.

He is now at a point where big organisations such as the BBC are willing to partner with him in order to get the exposure. He still finds it amazing that a video receives over 40,000 comments per day. He said, “That’s Patersons Stadium.”

His most rewarding moments are his heartfelt messages that he receives about once per week. He said, “It could have been a sibling who’s gone or a parent. They’ll say, ‘I just binge-watched one hour of Ozzy Man. Thanks for helping me laugh.'” “That’s unbeatable.”

This viral brawl will continue to trend on social media. It was recently discovered by YouTuber Ethan Marrell, aka “Ozzy Man Reviews”. The video was also shared by Ethan Marrell, aka “Ozzy Man Reviews”, who added a funny commentary in WWE style that went viral. Ozzy starts the video by saying that the brawl reminded him of “Gangs of New York”, a Martin Scorsese movie. He refers to our famous chacha as Indian Einstein and another as “smart casual shirt-bloke” in the commentary. The commentary is hilariously sarcastic. In Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh), two shopkeepers and their employees started a brawl over a customer dispute. A witness, probably, captured the incident on video and uploaded it online. What was the result? The viral video became a trending topic in India. Instantly, memes and jokes about this brawl appeared on the internet.

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