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“It’s funny to me that Quinton Reviews chooses to be this meek man who tries to get girls’ attention through pity. He is 6’7”, with a jaw that looks like an anvil. Guy could lift weights for a few years and then become a Gigachad, who reviews bee movies and has had far more success.

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Quinton Reviews is tall and has brown hair. He also tends to have a beard. However, his facial hair (and sometimes his lack thereof) and hair length change often as part of a recurring joke for his channel. His vague resemblance with Sargon of Akkad had an impact on his worldview and drove him to become the anti Sargon. He often wears Garfield merchandise and wears glasses. He often wears Garfield merch and his yellow shirt as his profile photo on Twitter helped identify him once more as the mystery man behind the (alleged?) DMs. Although he was a bit friendly with anti-SJW YouTubers at first, he said that he knew from the beginning that they were not right for him. He also stated that he had made positive videos about them twice in a row two years after that realisation.

PewDiePie once created a video “debunking” the joke campaign. He thought that PewDiePie was being serious, and called him pathetic for being competitive. After he received a lot of flack, he ended up taking down the video. Quinton did a parody review of Citizen Kane to show how easy it was to write a MauLer-style review. He made it sound so bad that no one knew if he was serious or joking. Rags responded to I Hate Everything’s review of The Last Jedi. The Right Opinion then replied to Rags’ response. TRO felt it was fair to include Quinton Reviews as a guest because Rags had included clips from MauLer’s review of The Last Jedi in his video. This was a friend and more knowledgeable about the Star Wars films than Rags. Quinton had made a few jabs at MauLer in the past, but he refused to engage with him. He seemed to be using TRO’s video to get in a bit on MauLer and not have to make his own video. Wolf, Rags and MauLer found many issues throughout the video. However, Quinton’s was the most egregious – TRO’s section seemed to have been a result of honest misunderstandings. Quinton’s seemed more malicious.

Quinton Reviews opted to provide more information than Rags about Star Wars. Instead of just providing the necessary information, Quinton used his segment to attempt to discredit MauLer’s whole process as a reviewer.

If you tell IHE you don’t agree with him and that you didn’t like last jedi’s film, he will “at most be sensible” and state “that’s your view, it’s only natural”. While Mauler and Rags will both say that “the vast majority” of my points are about “perspective, we’re talking about facts”, and “if your opinion is not valid, good Quinton Reviews luck calling others films bad”, this thesis statement is “inherently poisonous”. “There is no logic to the way this is constructed, there are no consistent times when opinion is or doesn’t measure, and overall, it is just a mealy podium constructed to impress their audience that their opinions are universally superior to everyone else’s.” “Mauler and Rags believe they are part of the battlefield fighting their sacred and protected beliefs. Socially, they use their “flood thesis” to justify the fact they believe they are warriors. You two are not warriors. We are geeks that talk about movies, stop acting like they are.”

“Not that there’s any factual basis for him being 100% wrong. Not because he is a bad individual for having opinions that I disagree, but because I have to prove that his opinions can be measured, not ultimately 100% proven, and certainly not objective.”

I rant about Mauler and the rags against the wall, so I sent the footage to the editors to be just slapped into the video

Quinton Reviews found MauLer’s The Last Jedi critique “heavily dislikable” and did not find any connection to it. However, he admits that he does not consider that inherently bad as “a review is nothing but a description of an event,” and that people will have different experiences.

He believed Rags’ “thesis” statement was that others cannot disagree with his opinions as his opinion was “on a higher field than everyone else”. To put it another way, Rags and Mauler believe subjective values are actually worse.

Maulers’ and rags’ “opinions” are “thoughts about the history and nitpicks over the dialogue” and “objective facts that cannot be disputed”

It is his job to disagree with rags since TRO knows more about Star Wars, the universe, and so forth than he.

Quinton Reviews criticised Rags for repeatedly pausing the video he was answering to. He claimed that this robs individual statements of their context. Quinton also pulled statements from MauLer’s and Rags’ videos out of context. Rags’ criticism of one lightsaber fight was even played over footage of another to make it appear that Rags was making a different scene. Quinton was able to counter Rags’s criticism.

They are seen as “interpreted as sequels”, and the trilogy is considered “heavily standalone”.

It is debatable whether lore is necessary to when or not the movie has been good enough. However, you shouldn’t account for previous films since most, if not all, of the audience won’t know what they are talking about. Attempts to use tv shows as a way to prove movie legend and claims that he is using the same critical metric on the original trilogy and last jedi.

Yodas criticisms of Rags’ presence mauler Yodas Quinton Reviews is countered by “speculation as we don’t know” or conjecture

IHE believes being emotionally attached to the franchise is the same thing as being a regular fan. He thinks this is the same as his dislike for the movie and rags. He calls it “mean-spirited and hypocritical”, which he admits to being.